Variants of payment

ВТБ 24
Remittances the Gold CrownRemittances the Gold Crown is a system of immediate translations, time of delivery from 1 second depending on the party of appointment of transfer. Phone: 8-800-200-70-75
System «the International Remittances the LEADER»«the International Remittances the LEADER» - System of Instant Remittances for physical persons without opening of the bank account. Phone: 8 800 333 4444
CONTACT remittancesRemittances between physical persons without account opening worldwide — Russia, the CIS countries, Baltic and the far abroad. Phone: 8 800 200 42 42
transfer of the Savings Bank of RussiaUrgent remittances cash more than in 9000 branches of the Savings Bank of Russia. Transfer into nameplate data of the addressee of transfer. Phone: 8 800 555 55 50
Western UnionRemittances across Russia and all world. Western Union Money Transfer® – a remittance for few minutes. Phone: (495 797 21 97
Unistream remittancesUnistream is international system of urgent remittances for physical persons. Phone: 8 800 333 22 44.


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